Driving Solar Revolution: ThoughtRipples’ IT Solutions for KSEB’s Soura Project in Kerala

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The Soura project, initiated by the Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB), aimed to revolutionize the promotion of rooftop solar projects in Kerala. ThoughtRipples partnered with KSEB to deliver a comprehensive suite of solutions that streamlined the project’s various stages. This case study explores the solutions provided by ThoughtRipples, the challenges encountered, and the remarkable results achieved.

Solution Delivered

Feasibility Survey

ThoughtRipples developed a user-friendly mobile application for field officers to conduct feasibility surveys across 3 lakh homes in Kerala. The app facilitated geotagging, image capture, and data collection, enabling swift and accurate assessments. This solution empowered the Soura team to shortlist applicants based on the feasibility survey results, ensuring efficient resource allocation.

Consumer Consent and Agreement

To streamline the consumer consent and agreement process, ThoughtRipples provided an app for field officers. The app presented the shortlisted candidates, allowing officers to visit the premises and confirm feasibility. During these visits, officers informed applicants about the project’s terms and conditions, facilitated the signing of agreements, and securely uploaded the documents through the app. This digitization reduced paperwork, increased efficiency, and improved transparency.

Project Implementation

Project Management App

ThoughtRipples developed a dedicated project management app catering to developers and board officers. The app provided developers with easy access to the final list of project locations, ensuring seamless navigation. Board officers utilized the app to monitor progress, verify milestones, and facilitate coordination between the project team and KSEB.

Developer and Field Engineers Integration

The project management app facilitated smooth communication and progress tracking for developers and field engineers. They were able to provide real-time updates and report progress based on predefined milestones, ensuring effective collaboration and timely problem-solving.

KSEB Project Engineers

KSEB project engineers played a vital role in verifying milestones and ensuring alignment with the electricity board’s accounting processes. Their collaboration with the project team ensured accurate accounting and a seamless integration of the Soura project with KSEB’s operations.

Project Management Portal

To consolidate project data and provide comprehensive visibility, ThoughtRipples developed a project management portal. This portal served as a central hub for data collection, analysis, and progress monitoring. Stakeholders could access real-time information, generate reports, and make informed decisions based on reliable project data.

Results and Efficiency Achieved

The collaborative efforts of ThoughtRipples and KSEB yielded remarkable results:

  • Feasibility Surveys: Completing 2,70,000 surveys within a span of two months showcased the efficiency and accuracy of the mobile application developed by ThoughtRipples.
  • Consumer Consent and Agreement: Digitizing the consent and agreement process reduced paperwork, streamlined workflows, and expedited the project’s implementation.
  • Application Development: ThoughtRipples’ agile development approach ensured rapid app deployment, keeping pace with the KSEB project team’s requirements and timelines.
  • Project Management: The project management app and portal improved coordination, real-time progress tracking, and facilitated seamless collaboration between different stakeholders involved in the project.

Solution Absent Scenario

Implementing the Soura project without ThoughtRipples’ IT solutions would have posed significant challenges:

  • Manual Feasibility Surveys: Conducting such a vast number of surveys without the aid of a mobile application would have been time-consuming and prone to errors, hindering progress.
  • Inefficient Documentation: The absence of digital platforms for consumer consent and agreement would have resulted in cumbersome paperwork, leading to delays and potential inaccuracies.