Go virtual with Green Interview Job Fair

Mega Virtual Job Fair 2021

The year 2020 was one of the most demanding and challenging years for everyone. The outbreak of COVID-19 has hit businesses worldwide as it has spurred economic crises across the globe. As the world takes each footstep towards unlocking, one of the significant steps needed is to promote a safe and economic recovery. A successful economic recovery is an entry towards the new and emerging jobs in the post-pandemic world. Protecting and recreating jobs is expected to be the primary concern during this phase. 

Ever since the pandemic, going virtual and remote has become the new normal. To ensure the safety of our community, Thought Ripples Technologies have decided to conduct Green Interview Job Fair-2021, a Mega Virtual Interview Drive – exclusively for freshers. The month-long mega automated virtual interview drive organized in collaboration with Green Interview will commence from June 14 to provide employment opportunities to our distressed youth. 

The interview will be held via our proficiently developed app, Green Interview App, which will allow companies and candidates to meet and share potential career paths and suitable opportunities. 

About Green Interview App

Green Interview App is an automated virtual video interview platform where the employer can preload the questions for you. Once you start the interview by entering the interview code, the app will display questions on the screen, which the employer already preloads. It’s a real-time interview where candidates have to respond immediately when a question appears on the screen. They are free to skip the unknown answers. At the same time, employers can watch and assess the recorded virtual interview videos anytime, anywhere.

How does it work?

The candidates can attend the interview at any time between 14 June to 14 July via Green Interview App. It will be an one-way mode of Interview where the interview panel will be ready with interview questions loaded in the App. The App will pick the questions and display them on each candidate’s screen. Each question has allotted specific time and extra time. 

Candidates can even take a trial of the interview before the actual interview starts. After completing this virtual interview, it will upload the video on the app, which will be reviewed by various companies registered with Green Interview Job Fair. The respective companies will inform shortlisted candidates from time to time.

Who can participate?

Currently, Green Interview Job Fair 2021 is scheduled exclusively for the B-tech and MBA students of the academic year 2019-2020 and 2020-2021. But soon, we will be conducting the same for other graduates as well.

 Further details will be updated on the official website from time to time. (greeninterview.org/jobfair)

 Interview Code

An interview code is a key to attending the interview. It will be different for MBA students and B-tech students.

If your college participates directly, the interview code will be different and you can get it from your college itself. If your college is not participating directly, you can use the common interview code given below.

Copy of your Interview

 Each candidate will receive a copy of the recorded interview after the closing date. This will help you improve yourself in the future. The video will be available in the Green Interview app under the previous interview. The App will also provide you a free interview review as per your request.