Journey of GuruSparsh

Here ends an extraordinary journey named Gurusparsh, a drive that started off in response to a public outcry to enhance the safety of our students across Kerala.

Gurusparsh came into being in 2014 was the first of its kind in Kerala State where mobile technology was used to enhance the safety and security of the students and ThoughtRipples Technologies Private Ltd was the pioneers in creating such a student safety program in schools of Kerala.

Gurusparsh was successfully implemented in more than 150 schools and thereby played a vital role in the career growth of ThoughtRipples.  Gurusparsh received an overwhelming response from government machinery, media, and the public in general. It was always a concern for ThoughtRipples that it had a specific objective and a purpose to serve and that was to provide a technology solution for enhancing safety, create awareness and prove to the stakeholders including the public that technology could be used effectively and cost-efficiently to address specific public needs. Even Though it was a service, we have received a sound revenue through this safety program thereby bringing profit to ThoughtRipples. By all means, Gurusparsh was the backbone of ThoughtRipples during that time. But all good things must come to an end and so shall Gurusparsh.

Certain Government Institutes and Agencies expressed their interest to take the whole responsibility and working of Gurusparsh. Therefore, from July 2019 ThoughtRipples shall discontinue all services associated with Gurusparsh with heartfelt gratitude for the overwhelming support we received to date and we hope to continue to serve with our other services.