Problem scenario

Neelakurinji which blooms only once in every 12 years attracts tourists from far and wide. During this season, Munnar expects tourists to flood in to catch a glimpse of the stellar phenomenon. This uncontrolled crowd inflow usually leads to traffic congestion and other problems. Our client wanted us to come up with new ideas to help tackle the traffic. 

Solution we delivered

Through our project, we aimed at developing a mobile app for tourists visiting Munnar to see Neelakurinji bloom. The mobile app would carry all relevant information related to Neelakurinji and Munnar. It would also have map-based location services to identify the parking slots and other amenities. 


  1. Informational services
    1. Neelakurinji locations
    2. How to reach there?
    3. How to buy tickets?
  2. Amenities they provide
    1. Restroom services
    2. Water
    3. Police
    4. Traffic
    5. Timing
    6. Weather
  3. Parking availability dashboard

It displays the available parking spaces in the app. It will be updated with real-time data from the parking solution provided by PinPark.

  1. Map-based services
    1. Parking spaces with current availability
    2. Nearest amenities
    3. Restroom services
    4. Water
    5. Police
    6. Traffic
  2. Notification

Get notified with updates on the traffic or anything related to Neelakurinji 

Result and efficiency achieved

Giving traffic guidance and slot availability helped people to avoid congestion and arrive at their destination on time. Listing the destinations with details of time and date helped them to navigate toward their preferred spots easily. Lists of amenities and other nearby facilities provided in the apps helped to avoid any unnecessary deviations from the destination or getting lost in the crowd.

Solution absent scenario

Lack of information about the current situation of the tourist places is a real pain for both tourists and even locals, making it difficult for the authorities to manage the crowd. There are limitations to IT intervention in case of natural calamities.

Our takeaway

This was the first time we collaborated with another company to work on a prestigious project.

Collaborating with others based on shared requirements gave us an opportunity to think about shared capabilities that both of us possessed.

Parking can be utilized to control the congestion and traffic with the help of available real-time data. Improving the awareness of the situation enables both the crowd and authorities to work in synchronicity with each other.