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Problem Scenario

After the first Covid-19 case in Kerala was reported during the last week of January, the Department of Health was presented with the most difficult task of tracing out covid patients, their primary and secondary contacts, testing results, patients belonging to  NORKS(international and other states) who has recently returned to Kerala and area wise data. The health workers and the State Disaster Management Authority found it very difficult to gather and consolidate the data from 1600 PHCs and other clinical labs and hospitals so as to ascertain the total number of active cases, positive as well as negative results, possible infected patients and source of infection during the initial phase of the pandemic.

Solution we delivered

Designed and delivered a web application by our team in a time span of just 48 hours, the fastest project completion ever done by the TR team. The application collaborated all vital information required by the health officials and State Disaster Management Authority in the desired format and data. The application gave modular access to all the PHCs, govt testing labs, hospitals, and health officials and provided geographic wise analytics of patients, their possible and potential contacts, testing results, further classification of outside country and state patients etc.