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Problem scenario

The government needed a solution to reach directly to the citizens. They wanted a CMS-based platform which could be customized in such a way that it could be identified as a government entity. They also needed a mobile app that synchronizes with updates instantly when the user opens it to read. Their content was in multimedia format and linked to other social media platforms, which they wanted to make available via the app too.

Solution we delivered

We created a media mobile app for the Public Relations Department to reach out directly to the citizens. It is one of the most popular government apps, which has more than 300,000 downloads. This app gives updates on district-wise government employment openings, examination results, election results, the notification from different departments, live streaming of events and programs.

Result and efficiency achieved

The app received a good response from the public.

  • #1 trending on Google Play (as of May 2018)
  • Catered 8 million requests in 1 hour to get examination result
  • Zero downtime and user-friendly – so happy users

Solution absent scenario

When users resort to the conventional sources, they would have to experience occasional delays, and mostly the information would be outdated and sometimes unavailable too. Often those other sources are unofficial and can lead to misinformation. 

Our takeaway

It was the first time we were dealing with such huge traffic which would climb to exponential rates sometimes. It helped us to understand how to handle the traffic both policy-wise and technically.