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Souraveedhi App is developed by the Agency for Non-conventional Energy and Rural Technology (ANERT) for individuals and organizations who are interested in partnering with ANERT to promote the use of renewable energy in Kerala. Interested entities can register with ANERT through this app.

Problem scenario

The requirement was to develop an app with a directory and articles to improve the awareness of customers and conduct a survey with a list of details to collect.

Solution we delivered

  1. Renewable Energy census
  2. Partnering and marketing survey – for enrolling NGOs, residence associations, self-help groups, cooperative institutions and local bodies to promote the need of renewable energy
  3. Register barren land for solar power – for installing solar photovoltaic power plants for farmers in Kerala with uncultivated land 

Result and efficiency achieved

Solution absent scenario

Clients would have to collaborate with field workers for physical file verification to verify data. Field verification is an expensive process.

Our takeaway

Understanding the essence of the ethos of the client-agency gave us a greater insight into the vision they wanted to achieve over time. We worked closely with the client to understand the nitty-gritty of the measurements and equations that leads to calculations.