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Problem scenario

Soura project aims to promote rooftop solar projects in Kerala. It is one of the biggest solar projects in Kerala. 

Solution we delivered

  1. Feasibility survey 
  2. Consumer consent and agreement
  3. Project implementation

Feasibility survey 

  1. We developed an app to facilitate the field officers to conduct feasibility surveys across 3 lakh homes in Kerala. 
  1. This app wouldfacilitategeotagging and capturing images.
  2. This app would facilitate Soura Team to shortlist applicants based on the feasibility survey.

Consumer consent and agreement

The list of shortlisted candidates would be available on the field officers app. Once again, they would have to visit the premises and confirm the feasibility, informing the terms and conditions of the project, signing the agreement and uploading the agreement to the app.

Project implementation

Project management app

The project is implemented using the project management app. This app has two types of users: developers (developers that develop or implement the project) and board officers. The final list with location is made available in the app so that the developers can easily navigate to the site.

Developers filed engineers

The update and the progress of the implementation based on the milestone

KSEB project engineers 

They help verify the milestones. This process is related to the accounting process of the Electricity board.

Project management portal

All the data collected from the app is consolidated in the portal. The progress of the project is monitored using this portal. 

Result and efficiency achieved

The project is in its final stage. The two lakh seventy thousand feasibility survey was completed within 2 months followed by Consumer consent and agreement. Application development was also one of the fastest from ThoughtRipples to match the speed of the KSEB project team.

Solution absent scenario

It will be very difficult, time consuming and requires a lot of manpower to implement this project without the help of technology that requires dealing with different entities and resources at each stage of the project.

Our takeaway

We learned to decentralize the file measurement of implemented projects using mobile applications.

We also learned to develop a solution to manage physical projects using mobile applications.