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Problem scenario

The Chief Minister’s Distress Relief Fund (CMDRF) provides financial assistance to people affected by major natural calamities and also provides financial assistance to the individuals for treatments of major diseases.

In Kerala, every process of CMDRF is digitalized and it is a wide application that spreads across many departments. The accessibility of the application is restricted within the government network. As the application develops, some jobs that have to be done onsite itself. For example, verification of a house that is damaged by fire.

Solution we delivered

We built two different mobile apps to cater to their needs. Both apps are part of the CMDRF system that uses APIs to communicate with the main application.

CMDRF app:

This primary mobile application enables the officers to process the files and approve the fund. Beneficiaries of the application include district collectors, tahsildars and village officers.

CMDRF Doctors App :

The second application was developed for doctors. Doctors can generate medical certificates and connect the patient to the CMDRF with ease.

Result and efficiency achieved

The doctor’s application helps to reduce the number of days required to provide financial aid to the people who need emergency medical attention.

Our target was to bring down the file processing time to or below 100 hours and to dispatch funds.

Solution absent scenario

The staff working on the field had to collect the data in a physical file and forward it for further approval which would take more time to process the file.

Different departments involved in the same case have to maintain different files and consolidate everything into a single file.

The decision-making process was slowed down until all related departments approved it.

Our takeaway

Unlike other projects, we had to work with multiple departments for this project, which was a completely new and interesting experience for us. Bureaucratic culture has its intricacies and needs some complex managerial and communication skills to converge everything toward the common goal.

Documentation and requirement analysis can happen and change at different stages of the project.