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Media Achieve for Organizations

Cloud-based archive for storing videos, photos, and PDF documents

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Directory mobile application for government

Enable citizens to efficiently access contact information for government officials, departments, and agencies through a mobile app.

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Data collection application

Simplify and centralize the data collection process, allowing larger government departments to gather information from multiple branches and offices seamlessly.

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Cross platform News application

Establish an efficient channel of communication between the organization and the public, as well as with media outlets.

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eBook and Magazine App

User-friendly platform for government agencies and organizations to publish PDF-based eBooks and magazines effortlessly.

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Museum QR Code Artifact Scanner App

Elevate the museum experience by providing users with in-depth information about exhibits and artifacts through the convenience of their mobile devices.

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Government & Organizational Video Interview Platform

The Government & Organizational Video Interview Platform is a cutting-edge solution designed to streamline and enhance the interview process for government agencies and organizations.

Streamline the talent acquisition process by offering a robust platform for conducting video interviews, reducing time-to-hire.

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