Empowering Renewable Energy Adoption in Kerala: Souraveedhi App Case Study

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ThoughtRipples partnered with the Agency for Non-conventional Energy and Rural Technology (ANERT) to develop the Souraveedhi App. The app aimed to create awareness about renewable energy and facilitate partnerships between ANERT and individuals or organizations interested in promoting sustainable energy practices in Kerala. This case study highlights the challenges, solution, and results achieved through the development and implementation of the Souraveedhi App.


ANERT approached ThoughtRipples with the requirement to develop an app that would serve as a comprehensive platform for promoting renewable energy in Kerala. The primary challenge was to provide a user-friendly experience while incorporating features such as a directory, educational articles, and a survey to collect crucial information. Additionally, ANERT wanted to streamline the verification process for data collection, which traditionally required costly field verification by their personnel.


ThoughtRipples undertook a meticulous approach to address the challenges posed by ANERT. The following solutions were implemented:

  1. Renewable Energy Census: The app included a directory of renewable energy sources, such as solar, wind, and biomass, providing users with comprehensive information about each source. Educational articles were incorporated to enhance user awareness and understanding of renewable energy.
  2. Partnering and Marketing Survey: To enroll NGOs, residence associations, self-help groups, cooperative institutions, and local bodies as ANERT partners, a survey feature was developed. The survey aimed to gather information about potential partners’ interests, capabilities, and resources, fostering collaboration for promoting renewable energy in Kerala.
  3. Barren Land Registration for Solar Power: The Souraveedhi App facilitated the registration of uncultivated land for installing solar photovoltaic power plants for farmers in Kerala. This feature enabled farmers to utilize their barren land for solar power generation, contributing to both sustainable energy production and agricultural development.


  1. Enhanced Awareness: The Souraveedhi App succeeded in improving the awareness of customers by providing a user-friendly directory of renewable energy sources and educational articles. Users gained insights into the benefits of renewable energy and its role in addressing environmental challenges.
  2. Increased Partnerships: The partnering and marketing survey feature proved instrumental in enrolling numerous organizations and individuals interested in supporting ANERT’s renewable energy initiatives. NGOs, residence associations, self-help groups, cooperative institutions, and local bodies formed partnerships with ANERT to collectively promote renewable energy adoption across Kerala.
  3. Streamlined Data Collection: By implementing an efficient digital survey platform, the Souraveedhi App eliminated the need for costly field verification processes. Users could submit data and details digitally, saving time and resources while maintaining accuracy. This streamlined approach accelerated the verification process and enhanced overall operational efficiency.
  4. Barren Land Utilization: The app’s barren land registration feature successfully enabled farmers in Kerala to utilize their uncultivated land for solar power generation. This not only facilitated sustainable energy production but also provided additional income opportunities for farmers through renewable energy initiatives.


The Souraveedhi App developed by ThoughtRipples in collaboration with ANERT revolutionized the promotion and adoption of renewable energy in Kerala. Through its comprehensive features, including a renewable energy directory, educational articles, and a streamlined survey process, the app effectively raised awareness and fostered partnerships among various entities. The successful implementation of the app resulted in increased participation, optimized data collection, and the productive utilization of barren land for solar power generation. ThoughtRipples’ commitment to understanding ANERT’s vision and requirements ensured the delivery of a robust and impactful solution, empowering the transition to a sustainable energy future in Kerala.