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I & PRD Media Handbook is a directory updated every year by the Information and Public relations department, Kerala. The directory contains updated contact details of ministers, their office, media persons, Members of Parliament and Legislative assembly, head of the department, district officers, medical officers, and others.

Problem scenario

The client had to print the physical directory each year, so in case any change or update of any details would have to wait until the next handbook is printed.

This directory is printed in limited numbers. In most of the cases, after the directories have been distributed, there would be many people who never got a copy of the directory.

The flexibility of using the printed directory is difficult.

Solution we delivered

  • A directory mobile application is built on makeandmanage 
  • Update anytime with self-synchronized feature 
  • Simple and easy CMS and admin panel
  • Offline first (data will be available even while offline)
  • Fast search discovery of data 
  • Group-based notification

The directory is offline – even if there is no internet connection, the directory works.

There is no limit to the content that it can store.

The data can be updated anytime and the change reflects in the app in no time.

Result and efficiency achieved

Going digital did help the client to reduce the number of physical prints. And also the updates can be made anytime after publishing. This really helped them stay up to date.

Thanks to makeandmanage, the client utilized the feature of updating data from departments into a single app and the app pushes the notifications as soon as updates are available. Otherwise, they have to coordinate the efforts to combine the data and check redundancy before any update happens. 

Solution absent scenario

Clients will be forced to increase the number of physical books, which is expensive.

They will have to update the old website and push it via social media to reach the citizens.

Our takeaway

People working in government agencies have different working cultures. It is important to understand that culture and adapt to that to convey our ideas and convert them into solutions.

The possibility of the makeandmanage platform to work as directory was one of its desired visions which we witnessed giving feathers to our dreams right in front of us.